Sigma 4EN Professional Tile Cutter 125cm

Sigma 4EN Professional Tile Cutter 125cm

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    • Featuring a large tile support table and swivelling measurement bar which supports the tile, it can rotate 45° in both directions and is pivoted at the centre of the cutting line, allowing the real measurement of the piece to be cut to be obtained.
    • A 45° second measurement scale gives the length of the diagonal and the rapid positioning button makes it easier to set to standard angles far quicker.
    • Pushing away from the lateral stop measurement bar rather than pushing to it, allows a much stronger scribe mark on the material, which in turn allows particularly thick or difficult materials to be easily cut, with the added advantage of the lateral stop measurement bar being conveniently close to the operator.
    • Precision, practical use and low weight are the main characteristics of Sigma tile cutters. Suitable for cutting all types of commercially available tiles.
    • Made from high-resistance aluminium alloy and steel for great rigitity. The special shape of the grip allows tiles to be cut at any point.
    • Plastic fittings on the base of the breaker, to prevent marks on the material being cut
    • Supplied with a scoring wheel that is a long life and bearing mounted made from tungsten carbide



    • Straight Cutting Length: 1250mm
    • Diagonal Cutting Length: 880 x 880mm
    • Weight: 30.00kg


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